Guest Post: The Basics Of Prepping by CC Cooper (Part 4)

Here is the fourth part of this series of guest posts from reader “CC Cooper.” More good insights:

While many folks believe in the Boy Scout Motto “Always Be Prepared”, very few actually are. Even the smallest minor inconvenience can cause havoc in the average person’s life. A flat tire, fender bender, or major freeway pile-up can lead to unexpected expenses, loss of work, or even loss of life or limb.
Some of the folks in the US are old hands at dealing with natural disasters. There are the people in Florida and the Gulf Coast that have hurricanes to think about. The people in the mid-west and west deal with tornadoes and blizzard with the occasional dust storm thrown in. Out in California and the Pacific Coast, earthquakes are a definite concern. Still, with the almost absolute possibility that one or more of these natural events will occur, people are still unprepared when they do happen.

What would happen if there was a really huge natural disaster? An event that was not local but of a Regional impact? A Massive eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera would affect many sstates with ash and fallout. Water sources would be affected as well as crops and growing seasons. Many aspects of the trucking and shipping industry would benegatively impacted as well.

What about the New Madrid Fault in Missourri? Many believe that if it does go, it could possibly cause the Gulf of Maxico to encroach as far as Arkansa and Southern Mississippi. Landscapes could be changed drastically and 3-4 East-West Interstate Highways will be destroyed. The loss of life would be immense.

If there are earthquakes, there may be Tsunami. Giant waves caused by huge shifts in the earths crust. If the Las Palma Volcano does blow, the resulting Tsunami would be 300-400 meters high and impact the earstern coast of the United States and parts of Central and South America.

Heat and cold extremes have been minor inconveniences to most people, but if the weather were to change in some unforseen manner, it would catch a large number of people off guard. The weather can be affected by the Sun (increased solar activity) or by volcanic ash thrown high into the atmosphere.

There are many more events that could happen with no interference from man. There are, however, almost, if not more, as many man-made or man caused events that can and will affect you in a very serious way.

Man-made disasters come in many forms. The most obvious would be spills and contamination caused by deteriorating materials, poor driving, train derailments, pipeline maintenance (or lack thereof), infrastructure collapse, policies that lead to coastal erosion, policies that contribute to widespread forest fires, sub-standard building codes, etc. There are other potential disasters that can be even more far-reaching. These include, but not limited to, monetary policies, tax codes, currency issues, stock market crashes, credit down grades, recession/depression, inflation/hyper-inflation (ala Weimar republic) and devaluation of a currency. Venezuela, Japan and others have experienced these events.

The list of possibilities is long and growing, but again, the prudent man attempts to prepare. For his family and his continued well-being.

God Bless


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