Is Being Prepared A Defeatist Activity?

Someone made a statement in a forum I follow that “prepping” was, essentially, a defeatist mindset and conflicted with our obligation to trust in God for all things. I thought about this for a while for several reasons.

First, I don’t really consider myself a “prepper.” I think it is just common sense to be ready, to be prepared, for the bad things that can and do happen in this world. I’m doing nothing different than my grandparents did. They didn’t call it prepping, they also called it common sense. It got them through a depression, a world war, several hurricanes and the economic chaos of the 70’s…

I also see it as responsibility. God has entrusted me with a wonderful family and it is my responsibility to be as well equipped (and prepared) as possible to do just that.

Now, is it really defeatism to recognize that such things happen in this world?

Hurricanes have hit the Gulf Coast and will again in the future. It is a simple fact of life in this part of the country. So, I am prepared for them. I did not expect to be laid off last year but I recognized that financial challenges happen so we were prepared financially. Combine that financial preparedness with the extra supplies we had on hand and we were able to live until I found another job without blowing through our life savings.

To me being prepared to survive despite the bad things that happen or even disasters is the opposite of defeatism. There is an inherent hope and confidence in being prepared because it assumes survival whatever comes our way.

What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Is Being Prepared A Defeatist Activity?

  1. You nailed it. It’s common sense.

    Jesus told the parable of a house built on sand, and one built on a rock. Clearly it was a metaphor meant for spiritual application, but it was told in such a way that it was expected to be self evident that preparing for hard times was wise.

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