What Did You Prep This Week?

In any sort of a disaster, the more health challenges you have the harder it will be to survive and thrive and I am getting very serious about improving my overall health and condition. I am making it a priority.

One of the healthiest things I can do is to cut out a lot of the junk, chemicals and sugars. One of the best ways I can do this is replace all the sodas (down here they are all called cokes regardless of the maker or flavor) with water. To make that easier, I purchased a (BPA free) CamelBak water bottle. Making water as portable and easy to take on the go is only one step, but it is a step.

I also (re)started and exercise program and I plan on being very serious about it…this time.

Because my spiritual health is even more important than my physical health I also picked up a new devotional to help me keep focused on what is most important. It’s called HABITS OF A WARRIOR: 21 DAYS TO BECOMING THE MAN GOD CALLED YOU TO BE by Jimmy Moncrief. I’ll try and post a review of that a little down the road as well.

It was payday and we were able to put some money back into savings that we had to use to pay bills during the holidays and bought about 10 pounds of beans for “Emergency Buckets” for my son and his wife. We have almost enough beans to fill the five gallon bucket so we should be able to finish their setup next payday.

While I was buying the water bottle I also picked up a couple of boxes of ammunition. A box of 12 gauge small game rounds and a box of .38 special range ammo.

12 Gauge and .38 Special Ammo
12 Gauge and .38 Special Ammo

I also reloaded a small batch (10 rounds) of .38 Special ammunition. As my second run at reloading I wanted to keep it small. At this point I feel like I have the process down and will go for a batch of 50 next time out. Based on my learnings from my second batch of reloading I also ordered a new set of powder measures for next time and a case gauge to make measuring the cases easier.

Lee Precision Powder Measures
Lyman Case Gauge

That’s it for me. How about you? What did you prep this week?

God Bless


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