Give me the courage and the strength to act and speak boldly for You and Your glory. Give me the courage to leave my comfort zone and walk into the uncomfortable, rejoicing as I do. Help me to publicly proclaim You and to put myself “on the line” for You and for those who might be reached through me and brought to salvation.

A warrior is bold and fearless! Make me one of your warriors!

In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

As a very shy and introverted individual I am extremely uncomfortable speaking to people in general. This is especially true when it comes to matters close to my heart, like my faith. I have enough trouble doing so with my wife of 30 years or in the fairly anonymous realm of the InterWebz. But, God calls on us to leave what is comfortable in order to serve Him. Today I recognized where my safety blanket, my comfort zone, is and now it is time to step out and away from that. I don’t know how (yet) but knowing the challenge is half the battle. Pray for me that I can step out and stand for Him, that I will be able to reach people and help them find peace and salvation.

God bless.


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