February Was Another Record Breaking Month For Gun Sales

the FBI posted their NICs background check numbers for February and (yet again) the numbers are amazing with over 2.6 million background checks performed in the shortest month of the year. That is the most ever in February. In fact it is the third busiest month ever. Only December 2012 (Sandy Hook) and December 2015 had more gun sales.

I have heard more than a few folks saying that this was in response to the current presidential election. What does it say about Americans that an election makes us feel like we need to buy guns (and probably ammo) in record numbers? Most likely Americans are simply scared of politicians taking away a basic right guaranteed in the Constitution and want to get ahead of the curve or they are afraid of the actions of a lame duck president. In either case, it is a sad state of affairs in this country that so many of us fear the government and the politicians.

We need to make sure we are involved in the political process and making our voices heard. We, as Christians, should also be praying for our nation, for the outcome of the elections and for our current leadership.

I do every day. Will you join me?

God bless.


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