Guest Post: The Basics Of Prepping by CC Cooper (Part 7)

Here is the seventh (and final for now) part of this series of guest posts from reader “CC Cooper.” More good insights:

John 4:44- Converting Family

“He himself had said that a prophet is not honored in his own hometown.”

The above verse has a lot to do with your credibility. While you may have pertinent knowledge and fact-based information, communicating that to your family and loved ones may prove difficult. It is always best to start with a little info and a plan to get from point A to point B. By asking leading and open ended questions, you will have greater success with those you are trying to enlighten.
One of the most successful tactics is using the Insurance Analogy. People are already quite familiar with the necessity and even requirement of having insurance for a variety of scenarios. Wind and hail. Fire. Flood. Health. Dental. Auto. All are seen by most people as necessities in life. When asked if they have “FOOD INSURANCE”, most will look at you sideways. It is something that they have not spent much time thinking about. If the question is posed with care and concern, the response should be favorable. Remember, a prepper is not the “SURVIVALIST” so maligned in today’s media. A prepper is a prudent man taking the appropriate steps to care for his family. A prepper considers the possibilities and takes steps to plan accordingly.

God Bless


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