Vickers Tactical Glock 43 +2 Magazine Extensions

I saw an offer that was too good to pass up this week; two Glock 43 magazines and two Vickers Tactical/TangoDown +2 magazine extensions for about the same price as two magazines alone. I couldn’t pass that up. Worst case scenario would be two additional G43 magazines and let’s be honest, can we ever have too many magazines for a primary carry gun?

Well the magazines and extensions arrived today and I wanted to share my initial impressions with you.

Standard Glock 43 magazine and the +2 extension
Standard Glock 43 magazine and the +2 extension

The magazine extension consists of three replacement parts; spring, base plate and floor plate (not sure if those are the technically correct terms). and that’s it. No instructions were included…nor are there instructions on their web site…or on YouTube or anywhere I could find. I eventually placed a call to TangoDown for some assistance. I didn’t want to make any mistakes assembling a magazine that I might, one day, have to bet my life on. Unfortunately, the man who could help with my questions was out of the office for a bit and I was left on my own with a new gadget and too little time on my hands.

To be honest, after a little tinkering I was able to unlock the secret and assemble one of the the magazines and extensions. Nevertheless I still made the follow up call to ensure that my assumptions were correct (they were) and I had a nice conversation with the fellow from TangoDown. They will be including directions in the near future as I am not the only idiot who had to call for support.

Assembled magazine with extension next to a standard G43 magazine
Assembled magazine with extension next to a standard G43 magazine

I was stuck in back to back meetings all day so I can’t report on the reliability of the extended magazine when feeding rounds. I can report that I performed several drop tests (on a carpeted floor) from various heights up to five feet. I also made sure the magazine hit the ground from a variety of angles including directly on the extended base plate and on the feed lips. Even fully loaded with eight rounds, no rounds were ejected and the magazine held together. Empty magazines ejected cleanly and dropped free.

Although I plan to test it heavily at the range before I carry one of the magazines for self defense I assume they will likely feed just fine. The magazine itself is still the same and the same follower is used. It is possible that pressure from the pinky finger on

The replacement floor plate and base plate do concern me a bit. Although the replacement floor plate does not have the small pin that locks into the base plate like standard Glock magazines so the floor plate is only held on by the two locking tabs on the side and friction. I’m not sure how well that will hold up but I will be doing more drop tests on harder surfaces in the near future.

G43 and 6 round magazine
G43 and 6 round magazine
G43 and 8 round magazine
G43 and 8 round magazine









The extended base plate adds around an inch to the length of the grip which will seriously impact the concealability and pocketability of the G43. So I’ll probably carry a flush fit six round magazine in the gun and carry the 8 round magazine as my spare (if they prove reliable enough). The extra inch does make the G43 feel even better in the hand. My pinky finger can help grip the pistol instead of dangling in air all by itself. We’ll see if that translates into improved accuracy (repeat after me) once I get to the range.

God bless.


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