What Did You Prep This Week?

It was Wonderful Wife’s payday on Friday and we were able to add money into savings.

We purchased term more 5 gallon Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers for the next round of long term food storage buckets. We have prepared 30 day supply of food for ourselves and our oldest daughter and her husband who live with us. We have also prepared them for my son and his wife as well as my middle daughter and her family. My mother, mother in law and youngest daughter don’t have the ability to store their supplies themselves so we will build these out next and store them here with us in case they need them.

Since it was a pay day I stocked up on ammunition. Right now I am focusing on building up my supply of 12 gauge small game rounds so I bought four boxes of those. I am also pretty low on .38 Special (at least until I can get some reloaded) so I picked up a box of practice ammo. I like the Monarch brand ammo for practice rounds. The brass seems pretty decent and they are loaded with hollow points despite being the least expensive .38 special on the shelves. I also bought a box of large pistol primers. I’ll need those for reloading .45 ACP.

Ammo and primers
Ammo and primers

I bought the Hogue Bantam Boot grip for the Ruger LCR. The stock grips on the LCR are too big for me to pocket carry this little revolver so I’ll try these out and see how they work. I also picked up another two pack of Bianchi speed strips for .38 Special revolvers. I like to use these with the LCR as well as the Smith & Wesson 442.

I purchased two new magazines for the Glock 43 along with two +2 magazine extensions from Vickers Tactical/TangoDown.

Assembled magazine with extension next to a standard G43 magazine
Assembled magazine with extension next to a standard G43 magazine

That’s what I prepped this week. How about you?

God bless.


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