Gear Review: Rush MOAB 6 By 5.11

I started carrying this bag just after the  Paris attacks in November of last year. The Rush MOAB is slightly larger than the bag I previously carried as my EDC (Every Day Carry) and the hidden concealed carry pocket on the front of the bag would allow me to carry a Glock 19 and several extra magazines in addition to the snubbie or Glock 43 and single reload I generally have on me. It would also let me carry a bigger trauma kit but, to be honest, the primary driver behind the larger bag was that I could fit my new Bible and my iPad in the main compartment. The Bible is larger than my previous one (older eyes = larger print) and didn’t fit terribly well in the old bag I carried. My iPad had never fit but that was nothing new, just sort of a bonus of the bigger bag.

Rush MOAB 6
Rush MOAB 6

First off, this is a great bag. It is as well made and rugged, as you would expect a bag from 5.11 to be. The specs say that the bag is made from 1050D nylon and while I’m not completely sure what that means I do know that this bag was able to take everything I threw at it and in it and still looks new. There is a surprising amount of room inside and the pockets are well organized. One thing I hate in any bag is stuff just sort of floating around inside. I want everything I carry in its place so I can find it without looking or needing a light in the dark and this bag does a pretty good job of that. You can definitely call it a man purse and it definitely screams tacticool but in essence it is just a single strap backpack with lots of compartments and molle webbing on the outside.

Does this scream tacticool to you?

The tacticool look can be considered a downside, especially when the guy carrying it is wearing cargo pants (Wrangler not 5.11, at least) and sporting a shaved head. A fair number of the folks who saw me toting this bag around assumed I was ex-military and most of the rest probably assumed I was a police officer. The desert tan American flag only adds to that perception. There is nothing inherently wrong with people assuming either of these things. In some cases it was interesting to see behavior changes in people I encountered who obviously had experiences on the wrong side of law enforcement. Some would get super nice and accommodating while some would become suspicious or even hostile. From a self-defense perspective this can also be a double edged sword. In many cases a potential bad actor identifying you as a cop, as ex-military or even an armed citizen can “encourage’ them to look for a different, easier victim. On the other hand, the may just shoot you first or target you in order to get your firearm.

For me, I’m not too worried about it. Camo and molle seem to be as common around here as about anything else but in Austin or Dallas it might be a different story.

The one true downside of this bag for me is, ironically, the very reason I started carrying it; size and weight. It isn’t that much bigger or heavier than my old bag but it was just heavy enough that I found myself opting to leave it home far too often. An EDC bag in your closet is like a gun in your safe, it does you no good if it’s not with you when you need it. One night recently my wife had a severe allergic reaction to something at a restaurant and I didn’t have any benadryl. we had to run out of the restaurant and head to a nearby convenience store. We made it before her throat closed up but not by much. All because I left my bag at home. So, I will be transitioning back to my old EDC bag here shortly.

I’ll keep the MOAB 6. It can connect to the two larger backpacks I have from 5.11 to create a modular pack system. This is great for hunting and camping as I can tote all the heavy stuff in the bigger bag and then disconnect and carry the smaller bag while stalking or hiking. The bottom line is that I really like this bag and it is very well made. It’s just a little bulky and heavy for my own EDC preferences.

Hope this review is useful. Feel free to post any questions you might have in the comments section below.

God Bless.

2 thoughts on “Gear Review: Rush MOAB 6 By 5.11

    1. Sorry Joe, if you read my Monday morning posts you know how busy I have been lately. I realized after seeing your comment that I have never published a breakdown of what is in my EDC bag on this blog. I’ll try and get that done next week.

      God bless.


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