Hogue Bantam Boot Grips For The Ruger LCR

Last week I posted about the new grip I purchased for the Ruger LCR,  the Bantam Boot Grip from Hogue. I had a chance to get out to the range with it and wanted to share my initial impressions.


First, the obvious. The smaller Bantam grips are nowhere near as comfortable or controllable as the Hogue Tamer grip that came with the LCR. Now with that said, the Bantam still provides good control and the recoil is still very manageable. I actually like the feel of of the little boot grips on Smith & Wesson J-Frames (yes, I know that’s weird) and this grip feels nearly as good and may give slightly better control although I will need more time on the range to test that out.

Like everything else this is a trade off. In this case a smaller and more easily concealed grip that gives up a little in control and recoil management. Without the Bantam grips there is no way I could carry the LCR in my pocket, so for me, this is a worthwhile trade off.

God Bless.

2 thoughts on “Hogue Bantam Boot Grips For The Ruger LCR

  1. I have those grips too, and I agree with you assessment. It sounds odd, but the grips I like the most on the LCR are the Eagle Secret Service grips! It gives the gun a weird, “steampunk,” kind of look, but they work well. I’ll write it up soon.

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    1. Those look sweet! How does the size and weight of the Eagle grips compare to the Bantam?
      I’ll pass on the ones that look like they were made from bowling balls but the wood grips are awesome.
      Looking forward to your review.


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