Range Report: Vickers Tactical Glock 43 +2 Magazine Extensions

I finally made it to the range to test the Vickers Tactical/TangoDown +2 magazine extensions for the Glock 43 that I posted about a week or two ago (link). I wanted to make sure they fed properly and that they would drop free.

Standard G43 magazine compared to Vickers Tactical +2
Standard G43 magazine compared to Vickers Tactical +2

I ran almost 100 rounds through the various magazines including the one equipped with the Vickers Tactical +2 Extension and had no feeding issues whatsoever. That’s a good sign but before I carry these anywhere besides the range I plan on running at least a couple hundred more rounds through them. Call me crazy but I don’t like to bet my life, and more importantly the lives of those I love, on something until I had at least 300 flawless rounds through it.

The magazines with the +2 extension are definitely more comfortable to shoot. The extra inch or so of length allows me to get pretty much my whole hand engaged with holding and controlling the pistol. In some cases, that can be cause of feeding issues in extended magazines. The extra room gives the pinky finger leverage to change the feed angle. I didn’t see any sign of that and even tried to cause a malfunction with extra pressure from the lower fingers. It didn’t seem to cause an issue.

With the longer “grip area” I was curious if accuracy would improve. It didn’t. There was no noticeable decrease in group sizes with or without the extension. The better feel from the longer grip didn’t have a measurable increase in controlability and follow up shots were no faster than without the extension.

Four magazines side by side; Vickers +2 extension, Pierce +1, Glock pinky extension and flush fit magazine
Four magazines side by side; Vickers +2 extension, Pierce +1, Glock pinky extension and flush fit magazine

The second biggest concern I had about these magazines was whether or not the extension would prevent the magazines from dropping free of the firearm when the magazine release is pressed. They did not…sort of. What I found is that because of my had position none of the magazines would drop free. In nearly all cases the lower part of  my hand contacted the magazines and prevented them from dropping free. This is something I will definitely have to practice while dry firing. I was able to consciously force my fingers away from the magazine and in that case it did drop free…right over the firing line. I had to get a ceasefire called so I could retrieve it…oops. Which is probably what particular bad habit developed.

Anyway, so far, so good with these magazine extensions.At this point I would still recommend them but I still want to do a good bit more testing before recommending them for carry.

God Bless.


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