Random Shots

Random links to various news stories and blog posts that caught my attention this week:

Baseline Evaluation – Greg Ellifritz shares his views on the Tactical Professor’s baseline evaluation drill and how it influenced his decision on which backup gun to carry while on duty. This looks like a useful exercise…now, to make it to the range…

Maybe It Was Terrorism – On November 4th of last year Faisal Mohammad attacked fellow students with a knife. He stabbed four before a campus police officer stopped him. At the time the news was all about how this was because he was excluded from a study group. It wasn’t terrorism at all. Despite several reports of his screaming Allahu Ackbar and despite plenty of reports that it was his increasingly hostile behavior and beliefs that led him to be asked to leave the study group. Now, months later, after the attention of the population has moved on the authorities have grudgingly released the truth. Yes, it was terrorism. Yes, he was visiting terrorist websites and downloading ISIS propaganda.

Natural Born Killer

Serial Killers In The Wild – Many folks out there would have you believe that only mankind is capable of violence and that all of the other creatures of the world get along in harmony and peace. In large part, I think movies (especially from Disney) in combination with the fact that most people’s encounters with nature these days is at the zoo or the dog park is to blame for this misconception. We know that Chimps in the wild commit murder and go to war with neighboring groups. Dolphins have been found to rape females from other pods and the list goes on and on. In another example, it seems the adorable and “harmless” little prairie dog has some interesting behaviors as well. It seems they are serial killers when it comes to some other rodent species, such as the ground squirrel, which they murder at every opportunity, especially baby ground squirrels. Since both rely on the same food source murdering the competition benefits the prairie dogs, they are, literally, natural born killers.

What Comes Next For Belgium – A fairly insightful and eye opening perspective on what comes next after the bombings in Brussels this week from a native of Belgium. Many of the points he makes definitely apply to this country as well. I will add one thing, the more the left tries to deny the link between Islam and terror the more the deeper the divide will grow within our society…

Have a great weekend and God bless.


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