Monarch (Prvi Partizan) .38 Special

I have been buying .38 Special Monarch (re-branded Prvi Partizan) as practice ammo for several months now so I thought I would share my my experiences and thoughts.

Monarch (Prvi Partizan) .38 Special
Monarch (Prvi Partizan) .38 Special

I started practicing with the Monarch for ammo for several reasons. At $18 for a box of 50 it is fairly cheap for .38 Special. Despite the price, it is a semi-jacketed hollow point. for me, that is an added bonus because, in a pinch, I could use it for self-defense as well as practice.

So far, the quality has been fine. I have not had a malfunction in in several hundred rounds which is better than the Federal ammunition I was buying before. It seems to be plenty accurate and I don’t notice my groups opening up at all with this ammunition. I don’t have a chrono so I don’t know how consistent it in in term of performance but, based on my groups, it doesn’t seem to vary too much. Unlike some ammunition from former Eastern Block nations it doesn’t seem to be any dirtier than any other round I have used.

The brass seems well made and the first fifty I reloaded all worked fine. They probably worked a little better than the reloader did. I buckled two cases but those were my mistakes and had nothing to do with the brass.

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