Random Shots

Random links to various news stories and blog posts that caught my attention this week:

Judge Rules Cross On The Church Violates The Constitution – The official seal of Los Angeles county has features a church, specifically a Spanish mission. Several years back the seal was redesigned and a cross was added to the image of the mission similar to the one in the photo. Apparently, an image of a church on the seal is OK but an accurate representation of a Catholic church that includes a cross is unconstitutional. An accurate image of a historic building violates the separation of church and state…

I Am A Christian And this Is How Some Different People See Me – Adam4d is probably my favorite cartoonists right now and this one is right on the money.

“Carbine” Williams

“Carbine” Williams Myth & Reality – American Rifleman recently posted this article on David Marshall Williams and the development of the M1 Carbine. It is an interesting read and well worth the time. My only issue with it is that the article is based almost exclusively on the internal documents and writings of  Winchester executives so it is a bit one sided. The movie “Carbine” Williams starring Jimmy Stewart does provide some insight (filtered through the Hollywood lens) of Mr. Williams’ perspective on the development of the M1.

.45 ACP To The Midface – A few years ago I read an article about a US Serviceman in Iraq who took a 9mm to the face. Not only did he stay in the fight but he was was unaware that the bullet had actually entered his face. It wasn’t until he went to the dentist that it was discovered that the round had not only knocked out a took but was still lodged in his jaw. A lot of folks were quick to point out that “such would never happen with a .45,” except here is an instance where it did. A man was shot at point blank range, in the face with a .45. It wasn’t until he went to everyone’s favorite trauma dentist, Dr. Sherman House, several days and several thousand miles away that it was discovered that the round was still in there.


ee8de16b064f319466fa180c64b05982How To Tailor A Suit For Concealed Carry – I will never be as cool as Steve McQueen or spend money on custom tailored suits (hate wearing them and hate spending money on them even more). If you, on the other hand, want to go for Steve McQueen cool and have the money to spend on custom clothing here are some good tips on how to have the suit/sport coat/blazer tailored to meet your concealed carry needs. For a fashion web site the suggestions seem pretty spot on. Color me surprised.

God bless and have a great weekend!


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