What Did You Prep This Week?

We weren’t able to put any money aside this week but that wasn’t really expected since it wasn’t a payday week.  Plus, I pent money on other stuff.

I bought powder for reloading 9 mm rounds. I couldn’t find formulas for the 700-X that I normally use for .38 Special for anything other than super-light bullets. I also picked up 200 rounds of .22 LR. I don’t really need it but I found CCI MiniMags in stock and couldn’t resist.

There was a lot of “couldn’t resist” going on last week. I came across an old Smith & Wesson Model 36 at a local shop. I’m not sure of the exact age but it is definitely a pre-2001 model and in brand new condition. Now it’s mine.

I completely fell of the boat in terms of my exercise program (again).

It was not a particularly productive week in terms of becoming more prepared but I think that’s OK.

What did you prep this week?


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