What Did You Prep This Week?

I still haven’t restarted on my exercise program. But I have been doing a pretty good job of focusing on what’s most important; God and family.

We were able to put some money into savings this week and we reached a milestone. We now have four months of my salary put away in savings. This was a milestone, not a goal. Our goal is to have at least five months salary set aside.

I bought a cable lock for the generator. I have a couple of good choices on what to secure it to when it is being used but I want to secure it where I store it as well. Haven’t had time to work on that yet but I hope to have something in place week after next. I am currently considering bolting an anchor of some sort to ether the concrete floor or a wooden stud. I am leaning towards the concrete but would welcome any feedback you might have.

I made it to the range and spent a few hundred round practicing the Dot Torture drill with my primary carry guns. I definitely need to spend a lot more time on this drill.

Purchased a Hydroblu water filter that was on sale. We have a camping trip coming up and I hope to test it out on that trip.

It was a crazy, bust week at work so that’s all I did this week. How about you, what did you prep this week?

God Bless


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