Night Sights: Another Perspective

Back in February, I posted on a little experiment that I performed that lead me to decide that, yes, night sights were worth the money. This weekend I came across an article my someone whose opinion I respect a great deal, Dr. Sherman House, who performed a similar test based on the recommendation of an even more respected Tom Givens. His results were markedly different than mine so I wanted to share them here (LOW LIGHT, RED SIGHTS, AND TOM GIVENS’ GLOCK 35).

I read it with an open mind, considered their point of view but I still hold with my own observations and testing.  The extra $40 for a front sight that glows in the dark won’t significantly impact my training or practice efforts and won’t break my budget. The potential advantage in certain, very limited, situations makes this a worthwhile option. Your choices for self-defense tools are your and yours alone and what is “right” for one person may not be right for another. Read the good doctor’s article and make your own decisions.

God bless.


3 thoughts on “Night Sights: Another Perspective

    1. With handguns, not very often.

      I go to one range where the lighting is pretty dim but still brighter than it will likely be during an armed encounter. I will occasionally find an IDP match that is pretty dim on certain stages and when I go out into the country for a hunting trip I usually try and include some low-light shooting.

      Most of my low-light practice is dry fire.


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      1. I practice in low light, and complete darkness monthly. Although honestly, the chances of you or I having to shoot someone in less than ideal lighting conditions is slim, according to the statistics. Most crimes occur DURING the hours of darkness, but that doesn’t mean it is dark!

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