Everyone Gets Cut

I guess it may just be human nature, or maybe, it’s just the nature of men but I hear the same sort of thing over and over again. Some variation of how they will stop an intruder or an attacker cold. I hear it from gun guys, I hear it from knife guys and I hear it from the guys into martial arts or unarmed combatives. Somehow everyone thinks they are the star of the action movie who never gets seriously injured or killed.

There is a similar perspective in the prepper community. No one ever talks about the fact that the pandemic could actually kill them before they know there is a pandemic. One of their own family members could have a heart attack or suffer a terrible injury on the way to a bugout location. NO one seems to consider the fact that the giant meteor could hit their house…

Everyone gets cut.

My grandfather shared this bit of wisdom with me when I was still in high school. I was looking at a pretty cool knife and mentioned how practical it was. It was a dive knife but could be used for self-defense. I think they even said it could cut logs and julienne fries too, I’m not sure. He asked if I was ready to see my opponent lying on the ground trying to pull his own intestines back into his belly. He, very briefly, described the sounds and smells and then asked if I was ready for that to be me because “everyone gets cut.” I don’t know where that image came from but I know he grew up in tough places during tough times. He used very few words but they were effective. In that moment he drove home the reality of self-defense…

The fact of the matter is, that no matter how good we are with a firearm, a knife or our bare hands there is a strong probability that we will suffer in a violent encounter…we may even die.

No matter how well prepared we are. No matter how much gear or training we have. No matter how much food and money we have saved up we, or those we love, may not make it.

You may be ready for doomsday, but are you ready for that?


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