Reloading: The Journey Begins (Part 2)

I’m sorry it has taken so long to get around to “Part 2.” Work has been crazy busy as has my personal life so all forms of social media have suffered…

In Part 1 we focused on why someone would want to get started in reloading, more specifically, I shared why I wanted to get into reloading:

-To reload a caliber in much lower power than is commercially available.

-To save some money on more expensive calibers that I enjoy shooting.

-To be a little more self-sufficient when ammo is too expensive or not available.

-I also enjoy the challenge and the level of concentration required.

The why is a critical question to ask yourself before you start purchasing any equipment because that is the key question (along with calibers) that will dictate what equipment you do purchase.

If you are going to be reloading large volumes of ammunition start with a progressive press. Yes, it costs more to get started. Yes, there is a steeper learning curve but it is what you will end up with anyway so you may as well start there. Progressive presses, perform multiple operations with each pull of the handle (we’ll talk more about this later) and lend themselves well to higher volume reloading.

Progressive presses are designed for experienced reloaders, and shooters who go through several hundred rounds per week. Unlike a single stage loader, a progressive press causes many things to occur at the same time and because of this, there are many more things to monitor.

From Lee Precision (link)

For me, I don’t plan on reloading large volumes of ammunition. Reloading is a relaxing hobby for me. I’m quite happy reloading 50 or so rounds over the course of a week. I’m not a high volume shooter and so I don’t need to load hundreds of rounds at a sitting. Plus, the loads I do for the Webley need to be very precise or I run the risk of blowing it up. For this type of reloading a singe stage press is perfectly acceptable.

Deciding on the type of press is the first big decision to be made and it all comes down to why you will be reloading. From here on out we will be talking about the equipment I chose to get started with.

Next up, the basic equipment needed to get started.

God Bless.


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