Prepper’s OpSec: An Alternate View

For years I have been told and read about the importance of operational security (OpSec) when it comes to preparedness. Reader CC Cooper reminds me of this almost every Monday when I publish the “What Did You Prep This Week” article. I have, for the most part, fallen in line with this school of thought although I have made an exception for that rule on this blog. I shared my thoughts on this in a post back in October (OpSec Vs. The Blog). But I am starting to question this bit of wisdom…at least to some degree.

I am not changing y thoughts on publishing what I do on the blog. I am comfortable posting some details online through this blog and the associated social media sites including FezBook. Can a skilled individual hack through the digital persona and find the real me? Yes. But, to be honest, someone with that level of skill really has bigger, more profitable targets. In addition to the cyberskills needed, such and individual (or his associates) would also need the skills and firepower to face a prepared target. There are probably many easier and/or more profitable targets for such a team to go after. So, I don’t mind sharing some high level details about my preparations. I don’t share locations, actual amounts on hand, Nor, do I share my security precautions/preparations.

However, up until recently, I haven’t spoken to anyone outside my family about my preps or even that I am prepping. That’s what I am starting to second guess.

I still think it is a bad idea to share the specific details of what I am doing, how much I have and where it is but I am seriously considering sharing a lot more information with  a much broader group of folks.

Why would I even think about doing this?

Because, I believe the more we share what we are doing and why we are doing it the more people might just decide to join us in this effort. Look, the only touch point most folks have of being prepared is from shows like Doomsday Preppers or 10 Cloverfield Lane so their perspective of being prepared can be…rather skewed. I think we should change that and the only way to do that is to interact with them and show them a different perspective.

It would be nice if we could build support networks in our local community or our church so that we can support one another instead of all of us trying to go it alone. Not only would it be nice, history shows us that communities of humans are more effective at surviving than we are as individuals. I can’t learn every skill we will need in hard times but within a group it would be possible to cover lots more skill sets.

I don’t know exactly how I am going to go about doing this…yet. I don’t plan on sharing any more than what I have here until I really think it through some more but something tells me this is the right direction.

God Bless


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