Gun Sales Continue To Break Records

The April NICs numbers have been posted and for those who dislike firearms there is some good news. With 2.1 milion NICs checks performed this has been the slowest month for gun sales since October of 2015. However, this is still the highest number of NICs checks in any April…ever. The previous record April was in 2014 with 1.74 million checks; 360,000 behind the new record.

In each and every month of this year NICs checks have exceeded two million and as we get closer to the November elections I don’t expect to see this number decline significantly. In fact, I fully expect the numbers to go up as we near November.

I am sure there are some folks who are concerned that should one or another candidate win there will be increased restrictions on firearms. I am equally positive that many people are concerned that the violence we have already seen in this election cycle will only increase as we get closer to election day.

Personally, I’m concerned about both…

Now the obligatory disclaimer: NICS checks do not directly correlate with firearms purchases. There is one check per purchase not one per firearm so many checks cover the purchase of more than one firearm. Not all NICS result in an OK to purchase. Many states do not require NICS checks for those with valid carry permits. The number of NICS checks is generally several percentage points lower than the number of firearms actually purchased.

God bless


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