The Birth Of A Grandchild

This is a repost of a piece I wrote for another blog around three years ago. I came across it and thought it was worth sharing again:

I was blessed recently by the birth of my third grandchild and my first granddaughter. As with all births (at least those I have been a part of) there was a good bit of stress and worry. There was a lot of rush and bustle but combined with long periods of waiting. All of that disappeared, completely displaced with joy, when mother and child were brought out, healthy and happy, albeit exhausted from the operating room. As the rest of the family gathered around the newest addition to the clan I turned towards my daughter instead.

While her daughter was the center of everyone else’s attention she was the center of mine. As she lay there still under the effects of the anesthesia I held her hand.  As she shivered from the cold of the operating room I tried to warm her with my touch. I prayed a quiet prayer of thanks for their health and in an equally quiet and small voice I told her how much I loved her.

As she lay there, I could see her as she was; a young woman exhausted from thirteen hours of labor followed by an emergency C-Section. I could also see the little girl who cried because she skinned her knee playing soccer. I could also see the tiny newborn I held in my arms as her mother recovered from her own hours in labor. It was as if all these images were overlaid on each other and the tears did nothing to cloud those magical images. Nothing at all.

Then the moment passed. It was not gone, just over. Because that moment will be with me, in my heart and my soul, for a long, long time.

A few minutes later I was holding my granddaughter while the rest of the family turned their attention to the new mother. As I looked into her eyes, already so alert and curious, I said another prayer and told her how much I loved her as well.

She seemed to smile and made the same face her mother made used to make at her age; a slight raise of one eyebrow and a squint from the other eye. All too quickly this moment was over as well but not gone. That moment too will stay with me for a long, long time.

These are the brief moments that define and give meaning to our lives. I thank God for them.

God Bless



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