Random Shots

Random links to various news stories and blog posts that caught my attention this week:

Ruger LCR vs Smith & Wesson 442 (Part 1) and (Part 2) – Concealed Carry Arizona posted a great, two part article comparing the Ruger LCR and the Smith & Wesson 442. This article was of great interest to me since I own both. His testing was a lot more thorough than mine and I encourage you to read both parts of this test. For me, I prefer shooting and carrying the Smith but the better sights on the LCR mean I am more accurate with it and so that’s what I carry. Also, note Concealed Carry Arizona is comparing the .357 Magnum LCR to the .38 Special 442. There is a noticeable weight difference between the two. The .38 Special LCR is almost an ounce lighter than the 442 and almost 4 ounces lighter than it’s Magnum brother.

The Congressman Who Went Off The Grid – Roscoe Bartlett spent 20 years in Congress fighting for smaller government and working hard to cut the funding of most everything Washington does, except securing the US electrical grid. After seeing the reports on the vulnerability of the the US grid he fought for increased funding to harden and secure it. Since purchasing some property in rural West Virginia way back in the 1980’s he has been building cabins for his family and doing all he can to make it livable should his worst fears come true. By the way, the author gets some of the technical details wrong that but the general description of the threat is fairly accurate.

How To Hack An Election – I work in the technology industry and I have to say that 9 times out of 10 stories like this make me want to punch someone. Most reporters lack any but the most basic (if even that) knowledge of technology, just as they generally lack even a basic understanding of firearms. The manure that results from that ignorance generally bears more resemblance to fiction than reality. This article was different. I don’t know if the author has an understanding of the technology and techniques he wrote about are real and imminently plausible. It also confirms many of the suspicions I have had about the last few election cycles. DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Since the “mainstream media” picks up most of its cues and many stories directly from social media they are just as tainted (but we’ve known that for a long time). Research everything you see come across twitter, fezbook, et al. before you allow it to affect your decisions and before you repost it. Much of what you see and read has been engineered and fed by the campaigns. At best, it is the most insidious form of advertising there is. At worst, it is the most powerful tool in the arsenal of tyranny.

God bless and have a great weekend!


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