Is A Carhartt Jacket Bulletproof?

You may have seen or heard the story from New York City about a suspect’s jacket, a Carhartt jacket, that managed to strop four of the nine rounds fired at the suspect. If you haven’t here’s a short blurb about it (link).

Now I find this somewhat questionable. I am not saying that NYC’s finest would lie about something like that. I have the utmost respect for all law enforcement and would never imply something like that. I must admit that these may have been some of the best shooters on the force. After all, they fired only nine rounds and managed to only wound one bystander and actually did stop the perpetrator.

While I find it questionable, ShootingTheBull410 actually took it one step further and purchased a Carhartt jacket, readied the ballistic gel and launched some rounds downrange and (spoiler alert), through the jacket in question:

There may have been defective ammunition involved. There may have been defective practices involved. We will probably never know the full truth but please don’t don a Carhartt and expect it to stop even a .22 LR.

God Bless

4 thoughts on “Is A Carhartt Jacket Bulletproof?

  1. No clue if the NYPD claims are true. Possibly defective lot of ammunition or, My Carhartt jackets. I use the jackets and coats for oh, the past thirty years. The Arctic Coat (hip length) and the Detroit jackets. When they go through the laundry cycle, the fabric shrinks and the weave becomes tight. Ammo should still, pass through without any issue. I also, do not but the claim of bullet resistency.

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