What Did You Prep This Week?

For me, the answer to the question of ‘what did you prep this week’ is…not much. It’s been a busy week for me in a lot of ways just not in accomplishing much towards being more prepared.

On the positive side we put some money into savings and reached a goal we set for our selves a few years ago. We have five months salary in the savings! At the time that we sent that goal we had just dug our way out from under crushing credit card debt but were basically broke. This is a big milestone for us and we are about as excited as we can be. Now it’s time to reassess and refocus. We’re going to reset the goal and now we are shooting for six months of my salary in the bank but before we do that I think we’re going to set some aside to invest.

Not strictly a prepping thing but when my grand kids were born I started a tradition of giving them an ounce of silver for each birthday (and another for Christmas). They are not old enough to really appreciate it at this point, hopefully, someday this will be a nice little nest egg for them and they will appreciate it. Since “birthday season” has begun, I finally made the time to get to the coin store I do business with and purchased four 2016 Silver Eagles.


I also bought ammo…

Smith & Wesson Model 360
Smith & Wesson Model 360


Then I bought another revolver…


Then, I bought more ammo and powder…

The first purchase was planned and just part of my usual stocking up/restocking purchase plan but the new revolver and the second ammo purchase definitely were not. I happened across the powder and ammo in stock and and for a good price at a local retailer and decided to go ahead and spend the money. I should be able to reach my ammunition savings goals next payday. I still plan on increasing the amount of 12 gauge I have on hand but that is a lower priority goal.

My walk with God is going pretty well. I’ve been pretty good this week about my prayer time but have to admit that I have skipped a few days of bible study this week.

My exercise effort stalled after Monday. I only jogged that one day. Work and time constraints conspired to give me an excuse to skip this very critical aspect of becoming more prepared.

My plans to buy more food for long term storage didn’t happen. I never had/made the time to go to the store. Based on my current workload and the responsibilities of family, this may have to wait a couple of weeks.

In a way I feel bad about this but to be honest, other than work taking time away from my walk with God, this is really how it should be. It is a matter of priorities. God, family and staying employed take precedence over being prepared for events that are likely to happen in the future.

That’s it, that’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you prep this week?

God bless

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