Korth And Nighthawk Custom Revolvers

If you have money to burn, these two legendary (and expensive) companies have paired up to offer a line of high end revolvers here in the US. They have announced three models; the Sky Hawk 9mm, Mongoose .357 and Super Sport .357.

Sky Hawk 9mm

The Sky Hawk (basically the same as the Korth Sky Marshall) is chambered in 9mm and they claim it does not need to use moonclips. The extractor and cylinder are designed to chamber and reliably extract rimless 9mm cartridges. The frame is aluminum and this little snubbie weighs in around 20 ounces and comes with either a two or three inch barrel. The front sight is made of gold and with a price tag of $1699 it better be. Are they worth that much? I have no idea but if Nighthawl or Korth would like to send me an eval gun I would be happy to test it out and report back to you.

While I like the technology in this little guy and appreciate the engineering, I have to say that in my opinion this is one of the ugliest revolvers our there. The Chiappa Rhino is a beauty by comparison. Again, that is my purely subjective opinion.

Mongoose .357

The Mongoose is chambered in .357 Magnum and comes with a 4″ barrel as standard but other barrel lengths are available as well. This is an all steel revolver and no lightweight at over 35 ounces. The price is not light weight either at $3,499.

Of the three guns here, this one is definitely (to me) the best looking and the one I would want the most. It is a modern day version of the venerable Colt Python but I think I might be able to find a Python for around the same price or a little less so…I’d probably just get the snake gun instead.

Super Sport .357

The Super Sport .357 is tricked out with a special trigger system that is actually user adjustable, infinitely adjustable sights and covered in picatinny rails. The barrel is designed to be swapped out by the user in order to change calibers (.357, .38 Special or 9mm). This is a big honking revolver weighing in at around 53 ounces and again with a price tag to match, $4,799.

Would I love to have one of these beauties? Of course!

Would I shell out the cash for one? Not unless I win the lotto or inherit a ton of money. Since I don’t play the lotto and my none of my relatives are rich I guess I’ll just have to admire them from a distance.

God bless.

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