Our Nation Has Fallen

A short political rant…

Neither political party wants what is best for you or for our nation and neither one represents the people. Their only goal is to win elections.

They win elections attracting donors. Those donors want to maintain and increase their control over our lives. With a few, rare exceptions that prove the rule no one who wants to reduce the power and influence of the government can ever be elected because both parties have a vested, financial interest in maintaining and expanding the government. Increasing the role of government brings them every more money as they peddle that power to the highest bidder.

Any who oppose the systemic greed and corruption are crushed under the weight of the Federal bureaucracy. No one has the resources to oppose the administrative jackboot of the EPA, DHS, HHS, HUD, IRS, etc. They don’t have to convict you of anything at all they can drive a business or an individual under with the cost of defending yourself. Civil asset forfeiture and similar practices force Americans to prove their innocence against a presumption of guilt. The sheer volume and complexity of federal laws mean that most employed professionals break several Federal statutes per day without ever knowing they are doing so…

The Republic has been overthrown from within without a shot being fired or a patriot’s blood being shed.

Pray for our nation. Pray that we can find a peaceful way to take our nation back from the oligarchs who have stolen it from us.

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