Condolences From Saudi King…

The Saudi king has apparently expressed his condolences to the US over the terrorist attack in Orlando (link):

“As we condemn and denounce this heinous criminal act, which is not approved by heavenly religions and international norms and conventions, we, on behalf of the Government and people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, express to your Excellency, the families of the victims and the friendly people of the United States of America our deepest condolences, stressing the importance of the concerted efforts of the international community to confront all acts of violence and terrorism.”

While that’s awful nice of him it also seems a bit…let’s call it disingenuous.

You see, homosexuality and cross dressing is illegal in “the kingdom” and is punishable by fines, whipping/flogging, imprisonment or even death. Nor do they have any laws prohibiting the discrimination, harassment or violence against homosexuals. As long as all the victims were gay, in Saudi Arabia, this terrorists actions wouldn’t even have been illegal. The terrorist would likely have been a hero in Saudi Arabia. As he would have been in most Islamic nations.

God bless.


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