Basic Facts About The AR-15 For Those Who Want To Ban Them

Whether you are pro-gun control or against it you should know the facts of the matter. One might say that it is particularly important to know these facts if you want to restrict a Constitutional right.

So, without arguing for or against banning them here are some truths behind the myths about the AR-15:

The Orlando Terrorist Did NOT Use An AR-15 – I don’t care what you heard on CNN or elsewhere. He used a Sig Sauer MCX. It looks like an AR-15 and uses the same ammunition as the AR-15 but it is not, technically, an AR-15. It has a different internal operating mechanism.

The AR-15 Is NOT A High Powered Rifle – The ammunition used in the AR-15 is one of the lowest powered rifle rounds in common use. It was originally developed to hunt varmints like coyotes and prairie dogs at long distances. It can be used on medium sized game like deer but it is considered an “expert round” for this purpose as it requires a very precise shot in order to be effective. This military chose this round not because of its power or lethality but because it was small and light. They found that most of the rounds fired in battle miss their targets, so instead of having soldiers carry fewer, heavier, deadlier rounds it is better to give them more rounds even if they are not as powerful. The rifle rounds used in WWI and WWII were more than twice as powerful and are commonly used for hunting.

The AR-15 Can NOT Fire 700 Rounds Per Minute – The earliest M-16 rifles issued to the military and police could fire at that rate when set to fully automatic (machine gun) mode but these are not AR-15s. At best, an AR in the hands of a skilled shooter could manage about 1/10th that rate. In most cases, any rifle can be fired at a rate of approximately 1 to 1.5 rounds per second because the limiting factor is how quickly it takes the shooter to aim the rifle not whether the rifle is semi-automatic, lever action or bolt action.

The AR-15 Can NOT Be Easily Converted Into A Fully Automatic Weapon (Machine Gun) – The internal mechanisms that enable fully automatic fire cannot fit into an AR-15 without very precise machining and alteration of the firearm. This operation would require extreme skill and specialized equipment. It would also require obtaining or fabricating the internal mechanisms that make the weapon capable of fully automatic fire. Performing these alterations or possessing these parts is already a federal crime, a felony in fact. Although it is also illegal, making a simple machine gun (like the Uzi) from scratch is actually relatively simple compared to converting an AR. Most high school metal shops are capable of creating such a weapon from scratch and the skills to do so aren’t much more advanced than those taught in high schools.

More People Are Murdered With Hammers Than AR-15s – Yup, blunt objects are used to kill people more often in the US that all types of rifles combined. In fact, more people are murdered by blunt objects, human hands and feet or knives every year than are killed by rifles of all types. Those statistics are from the FBI.

The Clinton “Assault Weapons Ban” Had No Affect On Crime – So called “assault weapons” were banned for ten years by the Clinton administration. The Department of Justice concluded after it ended that there had been no measurable affect on crime.

These are the facts about the AR-15. Although I would welcome the discussion, I am not sharing this information to change anyone’s point of view. It would be nice if people could have actual discussions using the actual facts rather than the ignorance displayed by politicians and most of the media.

God bless.


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