What Did You Prep This Week?

Not a heck of a lot…

My grand plans for exercise this week fell by the wayside two days into the week.

My prayer and bible reading plans didn’t fare much better.

I did manage to reload 50 rounds of .38 Special ammunition mostly because it is a great way to reduce stress. I have to totally focus on repetitive and manual tasks. It’s becoming like a form of meditation.

With the news this week and the threats of new gun control legislation I am torn on what to spend the prep money from next week’s paycheck. Ammo? Another AR-15? Food? Precious metals? I don’t know…

That’s it for me. That’s what I (didn’t) prep this week. How about you?

God bless


4 thoughts on “What Did You Prep This Week?

  1. A quick run through my optics was my task.

    Two telescopic sights, both 4x, one a straight 30:30, the other a mil dot.
    Glass cleaned, turrets dry lubed, and in one case new fitting screws as somehow I had started to strip the thread of a screw. Only imagine if I’d discovered that in an austere time.

    One night vision tube.
    Running off 3 AA batteries, this Gen 1 3x tube is my mainstay when foraging at night.
    Only it’s 20 years old so it needs a little cuddle and a non static clean every now and again.
    Did you know that there is a little inverter within most?
    4.5 volts to 100 volts DC and over the years it has gone ‘phut’ a few times.
    Same components every time so now they get changed every year JIC.
    Remarkably the tube only has a few “blemishes” and the tiny IR LED Illuminator still works but I seldom use it when out. Old school technology, just like me.

    A 3x monocular.
    Good one this because it has a mil scale reticule for ranging and estimating size.
    Barely 4 inches by one inch long with a neck lace for ease of carry.
    Never walking into a place which I haven’t checked out from afar is standard for me when foraging
    Too often people just blunder in missing hazards and security.
    Some say that security will switch off during a prolonged power outage.
    Only can you guarantee that with somewhere under CCTV.
    After all you can power most things by solar panel and you never know who is protecting their investment and from where is the system uses wifi or microwave link. That stubby little aerial saying all.
    Then there is biologicals to look out for. Dog, people. All leave sign.

    Lastly the metal optics of shooting.
    Two MAGPUL iron sights and one vernier target sight fitted for 3/8 rails.
    Dusted off and dry lubed.
    I can’t understand why people use oil nowadays as it attracts dust, and grime that induces wear and grows to make friction. Still each to their own.

    My task for the week completed.

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