Safe Spaces

Several months ago when I started really focusing on getting closer to God through prayer and Bible study I followed the advice of picking a spot in the house and making that my “prayer room,” the place I go to get closer to God.

This week has been so busy and so hectic that, in many cases, I was praying and studying the Bible in some fairly random places. One day it was in my car as I waited to go in for a meeting with a customer. Several times it has been in my office, at my desk during a break. On occasion, my prayer time has been in the shower or standing in the kitchen.

What I have found is that prayer or Bible study in these places leaves me feeling like I missed the mark somehow. I don’t feel as connected to God in my prayers, I almost feel as if I am just going through the motions. The same way with reading the Bible, it becomes more of a mental study than something that touches my heart.

Some might say that the “prayer room” I have set aside has been blessed in some way that allows me to commune more closely with my creator. Maybe, that is the case. Maybe the Holy Spirit has touched this spot and made it somehow more holy or sacred but I don’t that’s the case. I can be in this part of the house at other times and not feel that spiritual connection. Instead, I think that I have made this my “safe space.”

When I go there at the time of day I set aside for prayer, the association (in my own mind) generates that feeling of peace and closeness. This, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. In fact, I think it is a good thing but there is a danger there too. My relationship with God should not be limited to that safe space. I should feel that same closeness in my car in an office building parking lot, at my desk, in my chair (yes, my wife and I have reached that age where we have “our” chairs) or in a crowded restaurant.

This “safe space” has served me well. It has nurtured my relationship with God but it is time to leave “home” and take my faith and relationship with God beyond the bounds of this little corner of my house. Like a child leaving his parents home it is time for my faith to face the struggles and trials of the larger world. Like many, young people I may fail and end up back at home for a time; but that’s OK. It is only by stretching and reaching for more that we reach maturity.

Thank you Lord, for that little bit of insight this morning…as I sat in my “safe place.”

May God bless you and fill you with his peace and love. 🙂

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