An Open Letter to Senator John Cornyn

I have called your office (several times since the voice mail box was full) and sent several emails. There should be NO new gun control measures passed. I will be watching your voting record on these matters and it will be a deciding factor in my decisions on who to support in upcoming election cycles.

The “no-fly” and “terror” watch lists should NOT be used to determine who should be allowed to buy a firearm. There is no due process involved in secret lists, that do not have clearly defined processes for how people are added and removed form the list. While it may be easy for a member of Congress to get themselves removed (as the late Senator Kennedy had to do) but for average American this is represents a serious financial burden to “prove” their innocence.

Terrorism is a serious problem but if we fight terrorism by infringing on our own rights and freedoms…the terrorists have won.

Thank you and God Bless.


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