Random Shots

Random links to various news stories and blog posts that caught my attention this week:

Social Security Running Dry…Still – The Social Security and Medicare Annual Report was released recently and the numbers still don’t look good. The disability fund will run dry by 2023 (7 years from now). The Medicare fund will follow five years after that in 2028 and the old-age fund will run out in 2035 (19 years from now) just a few years after we will probably retire, if such a thing will even be possible at that point.

Obama Pushes For Waiver On Killing Bald Eagles – We can’t have that nasty coal, oil or gas making the planet uninhabitable but the Obama administration is pushing for waivers that would exempt wind farms from damages or penalties resulting from killing protected birds such as the bald eagle…that’s very “green” of them, I guess.

What To Do When It All Falls Apart – Thoughtfully Prepping posted an interesting and thought provoking article on what to do when disaster strikes. Some would say you should run and some would suggest hunkering down. TP says you should stop and think first.

Islamic State Murders Christian Priest In Egypt – Christians, especially Coptic Christians, make up around 10% of the population of Egypt. Despite decades of persecution their faith remains strong. This week ISIS targeted and murdered the leader of one of these communities. Maybe Egypt should push for stronger gun controls laws…oh wait, they already did.

Prosecutor Denies Gang Rape Of Five Year Old Girl – The prosecutor, you know the person in the courtroom who should be trying to convict the bad guys, defended the three boys accused of the crime. It was NOT a gang rape. Nope, only one of the boys actually touched the girl, the other two only helped. Syrian refugees? Nope, one was from Sudan, another from Iraq and no statement on the nationality of the third nor was their immigration status available to the the prosecutor or police in the case (!?). On another note Federal officials have threatened anyone sharing incorrect information about this case with prosecution so hopefully, I go this right.

God bless and have a great weekend!


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