What Did You Prep This Week…Month?

I am really ashamed to say that I have been really lax in my walk with God. There were days I barely prayed, I haven’t studied my Bible or been to church in weeks. While He is always faithful, we humans are far from perfect and I am as flawed as anyone out there…maybe more so. I can (and have) made all sorts of excuses; work has been crazy busy, Wonderful Wife was sick, vacation, etc., etc., etc.

The bottom line is that I have not made God a priority in my life for quite a while. That needs to change.

I don’t care how much beans, bullets and bullion we have stashed away, the one disaster none of us can escape is death. Death comes for all of us eventually. How we spend the eternity that comes afterwards depends on the choices we make now. My choices of late have not been good. Fortunately, God is loving, merciful and forgiving. He is faithful and will take me back even after I walked away. For that I can never be thankful enough.

Even though I haven’t made time for God, I have found time for other things. Bought a reloading die set and shell holder for 7.62×39 and another for 5.56/.223. I bought 200 large rifle primers, 100 small rifle primers, powder and bullets to start reloading these calibers. Bought a primer pocket swager die  and a decapping die to de-prime rounds before cleaning.

I bought 140 rounds of 7.62×39. I spent a little more on these rounds but it is brass cased and boxer primed ammo so it can be reloaded. It is only about 10-15 cents more per round more than buying new brass. I cleaned and tumbled several hundred rounds of 9mm brass. In fact, as of this writing, all the empty brass I have has been cleaned and tumbled. I also de-primed much of it as well. The 7.62×39 brass has had the primer pockets swaged to remove the crimp.

The first batch of both .223 and 7.62 that I reloaded all functioned properly in testing. My second test batch of 9mm, not so much. I wasn’t comfortable with the overall length given in the manual so I double checked it but and went ahead and built it to that length. As I feared, they were too long to function properly in my magazines. I corrected the length and re-crimped and will test them again soon.

I did a complete inventory of all my ammo and found that I was way off on a few calibers, mainly .22 LR. I’m not sure if it was poor counting on my part, if I shot more than I realized at some point or some of it “walked off” but I’m going to have to build that inventory up a good bit.

Purchased a complete Radical Firearms upper in 5.56. I only had a pistol upper in this caliber and while it is a lot of fun most ranges frown on such a short barrel for 5.56. I must admit the sound and fireball are pretty impressive. With the new upper I can practice pretty much anywhere including indoor ranges and with the current temperatures out there…well that’s a good thing…a real, good thing.

We bought a 5 lb bag of rice for long term storage and a small chainsaw. The saw will mostly be used for trimming branches of the trees around the house but can work for other, small jobs in an emergency as well.

As expected vacation really took a chunk out of our savings. We are trying really hard to build that back up again.

God bless


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