Facts Are Irrelevant, Only The Narrative Matters

I have pointed out a number of instances where politicians and their media allies will go to almost any length to ensure that those pesky facts don’t get in the way of “the narrative.” For most European and many US politicians, that narrative includes downplaying the threat of Islamic terrorism and violence by refugees. By downplaying it I mean doing just about everything in their power to deny its very existence.

Here is an example from Sweden today (link):

STOCKHOLM, July 26 (Reuters) – An unidentified assailant shot and wounded a man in a shopping mall in the Swedish city of Malmo on Tuesday, but police said the attack had nothing to do with recent Islamist militant violence elsewhere in Europe.

OK, so what’s the problem? The police have determined it wasn’t terror related.

Police said they had not identified a suspect or motive in the shooting and had made no arrests.

Well, how exactly did they determine what the motive was not when they don’t even know who the attacker was or what his motivation might have been?

God bless.


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