The Ultimate Prep…Your Health

I have written about it and talked to others about it but one of the most important preps you can spend time, money and energy on is your health. Unfortunately, I am not really very good at taking my own advice. Back when I started this blog I was pretty serious about getting in shape. As I started to ramp up at my current job and the time required to keep up with everything grew several things were relegated to the backseat; this blog, physical fitness and my walk with God.

Two of those three are incredibly important.

Eating right and exercise have suffered. Fast food and eating out has replaced the healthy meals I was cooking and, probably worst of all, I am back to drinking sodas again. Since my latest bout with pneumonia it has gone from bad to worse. I have been drinking several sodas a day, mostly Coke and at this point I can say that I am once again addicted to them.

Well, the good Lord sent me a bit of a wake up call this weekend.

I don’t know if it was my kidney stone moving around or an infection but it felt like I had been stabbed in the back with a large, flat head screwdriver…a really, really large flat head screwdriver. It only took a few gallons of water, a couple of days and some meds but I am feeling much better, almost back to normal even…except for the withdrawals.

Between the lack of caffeine and fighting the urges to go buy the biggest gas station soda I can find I am pretty positive that I am fairly unpleasant to be around. One the good side it has been three days since my last sugary drink and I should be past the worst of it before long (I keep telling myself that anyway).

I also made time to exercise today.

So, hopefully, I will stick to it and break my soda habit and get back to exercising regularly. After all, how can I fight off zombies when I am jonesing for a Coke?

God Bless!


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