What Did You Prep This Week?

My walk with God is going so much better. Despite the craziness with work and family I am still doing pretty well making time for prayer and reading my bible. That 20-30 minutes of time spent in prayer and in His word seems to make all the difference in my day, in my outlook on life and even my energy level. I am working hard to make sure I make that time EVERY day.

Wonderful Wife has discovered selling things online. She’s going through the house to identify things we don’t really need or want anymore and putting them up for sale. We’ve a made a few bucks and cleared out some clutter but we have a lot more that could go. The money we make is going into savings accounts for our grandchildren. Which may or may not actually qualify as prepping. It is helping them be more prepared.

File_000 (9)
Emergency Pantry

We went to the grocery store and restocked the emergency pantry. We also bought more rice and beans and filled another bucket with each. I sealed all four buckets of rice and beans that were ready to go. That is all the empty buckets we have at this point so the next step will be to buy more buckets but that will have to wait until Wonderful Wife’s next payday. With what we have on hand and stored in alternate locations we have enough food in long term storage to feed about twelve people for 30 days. Our goal is to have enough set aside to take care of our extended family (16 people) for 30 days. To do that we need at least four more buckets (two each of rice and beans).

It was another good week as far as getting myself in shape too. I have only had three soda in the last three weeks and have been drinking at least a liter and a half of water each day. I was pretty good about exercising this week as well although not as good as last week. I can tell the difference in my energy levels on the days I exercise as well. It hasn’t had any impact on my waistline yet but I’m going to keep at it nevertheless.

That’s it. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you, what did you prep this week?

God bless.




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