The Basics Of Food Storage Part 1: Why?

My weekly “What Did You Prep This Week” posts frequently contain information about what I am doing to have an appropriate amount of food on hand in case of a disaster. I thought it might be a good idea to share some information on the basics of food storage so everyone would have a common frame of reference and a base of knowledge to start from.

Why Keep Food On Hand?

There are a lot of reasons to keep a good store of food on hand including:

Convenience – Having food on hand saves unplanned trips to the grocery store and the unplanned expenses that entails. Tell the truth, how many times do you walk in for a $5 item and walk out having $20-25 poorer?

Savings – Let’s face it, nothing seems to be getting any cheaper these days. Prices, despite what government inflation numbers say, sure seem to be going up faster than my income. So, buying ahead of time allows us to eat tomorrow at yesterday’s prices. Plus, having enough stock on hand means that I can afford to wait until items are on sale or buy in bulk to save money.

Security – In a crisis, whether it be financial, social, or weather related, is literally better than money in the bank. In a financial crisis like those seen in several European countries of late, you may not be able to get money out of the bank to buy food or the money could be so devalued that food becomes too expensive to buy in needed quantities. In a situation involving social unrest being able to “hunker down’ until the crisis passes could be the difference between life and death. Being caught in the middle of a riot is not a fun experience, ask Reginald Denny if you don’t believe me or google the video. Flood, Hurricane, Ice, Tornado Earthquake and any number of other natural disasters can make it pretty tough to get to the store or for the stores to even be open. Having a supply of food on hand means you can get by anyway.

As I have mentioned before, I was laid off about a year and a half ago. Sure, unemployment eventually kicked in but it didn’t replace my whole salary. Given the state of the economy, my age and income bracket finding another job was going to be tough. As it turned out I was able make it through, find another job and we didn’t fall behind on any bills (thank you, Lord) and a big part of the reason we were able to make it through is because we had enough food set aside that we didn’t have to spend much of anything on groceries.

So, the next question is:

How Much Food Should I Have On Hand?

Which will be part two of this series…


12 thoughts on “The Basics Of Food Storage Part 1: Why?

  1. Here’s a ‘wrinkle’, so to speak.
    Something a few kinda forget to mention.
    The traditional prepper lays in stocks to last for ‘whatever may happen’.
    Which is no problem IF THEY HAVE THE ROOM.

    A few though have little room for bulk storage.
    Just ask someone who lives in a RV or on a boat about storage.

    Some of them still prep together with those who may follow a more ‘survivalist philosophy’.
    Probably prepping more than most too as they generally live a more frugal transient lifestyle.
    Both still store essentials but both tend to be ‘slightly more’ selective than say those following the LDS stock list.

    That sort of prepping generates different problems which have to be considered.
    Quality and careful selection over sheer quantity / bulk and how to store things in less than ideal conditions.

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    1. Excellent point and I appreciate your point of view and perspective. However, my purpose with this series is to share what I have learned around the BASICS of food storage. I would consider food storage for the lifestyle you live to be and ADVANCED topic and not one I am qualified to share any useful information on since I am fairly firmly rooted in place.
      I live in an area prone to hurricanes but probably only 20% of the people in the area are prepared for such an event. We have all seen economic downturns/crashes not few are prepared for those either. I’m just trying to help folks prepare for such eventualities.
      By the way, I have learned a lot from your blog and appreciate you stopping in to my little piece of the intrawebs.
      God Bless

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And God Bless to you Sir.

        The objective for me is to get people thinking out of the box.

        As said many times, I’m no expert in anything but I have accumulated a lot of skill sets. Some gifted to me by those who know and what I had to learn the hard way through life experience which I try to share.

        Will it do any good?
        Who knows. Time will tell the answer to that.

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