Heresy! I Am Not Prepping For The End Of The World…

This was part of a comment that i posted on another blog and thought it would be useful to share it with you here. It provides a bit of insight into my perspective on prepping and what I am prepping for…and what I am not:

I am not preparing for TEOTWAWKI. What? Heresy!

No, just realism. As you mention, in that sort of a scenario my age and physical condition will put my survival probability to near zero. Some of my supplies and knowledge may give my children or grandchildren a little advantage; but in a world that in unknown…maybe not. I am not sure of the exact probabilities but the chances for a true TEOTWAWKI event but they are relatively slim.

On the other hand I am highly confident that we will experience lesser disasters several times within my remaining lifetime. We average a major hurricane every 10-15 years, lesser hurricanes and tropical storms every 3-5 years and we’ve had a long run without either one so we are about due. I have experienced several severe economic downturns in my life and most of what I read says another, probably even more severe one, is around the corner. Tornadoes, flood and fire are things that happen with some regularity and I have lived through several of each. Since I can be about 100% certain such things WILL happen that is what I try and prepare for. I know my grand kids will live in a world that is tougher to make ends meet in and more dangerous than the one I inherited so I do what I can to help them be more prepared for that by passing on my skills, knowledge and mind set but also by setting things aside for them as well; money, precious metals, ammunition, guns, tools…

God Bless…

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