Not With A Bang But With A Whimper

If you spend any time on gun forums, gun related pages on FezBook or most gun stores you know them, the self-proclaimed III%ers who are ready to go to war as soon as the government begins confiscating firearms or abolishing the 2nd Amendment. I have even heard of police officers predicting 90% of local law enforcement would fall ill with the “blue flu” if such orders ever came from Washington. There is always a lot of testosterone laden bluster and chest thumping on the subject.

On the other side you have the anti’s who scoff at the idea of millions of gun owners armed only with rifles and handguns taking on the might of Washington. Drones, tanks and supersonic fighters they say make such resistance futile and short lived. Of course, not being well versed in history or things military they forget that countries like Afghanistan and Vietnam have been fighting off vastly superior armies not just for decades but for centuries. They either ignore or forget that the Syrian military was far better equipped than many of our NATO allies and was a significant regional power. Their military was armed with plenty of modern tanks, supersonic fighters and probably some drone technology too. Until a bunch of fanatics with suicide vests and AKs virtually crushed them. In fact if it wasn’t for the assistance of Russian and another bunch of fanatic terrorists (Hezbollah) Syria exist only as a province of the ISIS proclaimed caliphate.

Keyboard commandos can debate both sides of this argument forever because that’s just not how it will likely play out. Even anti-gun politicians are smart enough to know that door to door confiscation will not work in the US. The laws, if they pass, will go into effect and many legal gun owners (because they are law abiding folks by and large) will comply; definitely not all, maybe not even the majority but many will.

What about the rest?

I don’t think it will be door to door confiscation. It will be accomplished through much more subtle means that are less likely to create a flashpoint event. In fact, the folks over at have posted a pretty good start of the types of tactics they will use. Check it out here.

Unfortunately, I think some sort of flashpoint is likely.  It will probably be over some fairly obscure situation that no one on either side expected to escalate out of control, something like the Bundy Ranch standoff or another Waco or Ruby Ridge. I don’t know when it will come, probably not in my lifetime but unless there are major changes in this country we are headed to some sort of tipping point. I hope and pray, it will be a peaceful one like an Article V Constitutional Convention.

Pray for our nation. Pray for our leaders, even those you don’t like. Pray we can get this country back on track. I do. Every day.

God Bless


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