The Basics Of Food Storage Part 2: How Much?

How Much Food Should I Have On Hand?

Well, that depends. What are you preparing for?

The US government ( suggests we have a minimum of three days supply of food and water on hand for typical disasters. the German government appears to be revising their recommendations and suggesting a minimum of ten days of food and water on hand. From what i understand it the Mormon Church recommends having a 12 month supply of food on hand. Some folks out there are trying to store up multiple years worth of food.

To determine which of these levels are right for you, you first you need to determine what your goals are for storing food. The amount you store will vary depending on whether you are preparing for a hurricane, a financial collapse or the Zombie Apocalypse.

While I say that, my approach was slightly different.

Hurricanes are, by far, the biggest concern here on the Gulf Coast so that is my primary scenario I prepare for and based on that I plan to have a minimum of fourteen days of supplies on hand.  Most of that is a combination of canned and frozen foods. The frozen foods would be the first to be used even though I do have a generator and enough fuel to keep the frozen foods safe for that period of time. The remainder is canned and dried foods and would be used after that. We also have a very small supply, maybe three days, of freeze dried meals packed in a duffel should we need to evacuate the house. Based on a request from Wonderful Wife we are currently building our our supplies to be able to feed our extended family for 30 days.

So that’s that, decide what you are planning for and how much food you will need for such an event.

Next up?

The Golden Rule

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