What Did You Prep This Week?

Wow, yet another good week!

We finished a few things up in the garden this week. We had to rearrange the planters we are using because the rain from the garage roof was destroying the sweet potatoes and washing the soil out of the planter. Eventually I plan on using this space gut I need to install rain gutters. When I do I would like to route the water into a large barrel so it can be used to water the garden. I also had to top off the soil in the sweet potato planters partially because some was washed out and partially because it needed more to begin with.

Wonderful Wife got paid tfile_000his week so we bought some ammo; 9mm practice rounds, 5.56 practice rounds, as well as 12 gauge 00 buck and small game loads. I may be wrong, but I plan to keep buying ammo until this election is over…

As always on payday we set some money aside; saving for a rainy day.

One of the best things to happen this week is that I was able to get Wonderful Wife to start exercising with me. Due to some medical conditions she deal with we are taking it slow and easy. We started walking, just a half mile or so, in the evenings after work. As long as we can be consistent with the walking I think that will help a lot of what she suffers from. I have been consistent with my exercise program as well. I have been slowly adding repetitions to my routine but this week I upped the number of reps I do by a good bit. I’m no gym rat and won’t even pretend I am in any sort of shape yet (other than round) but it is progress.

Just a few weeks ago I felt my walk with God was all but nonexistent. What a change! The devotional Wonderful Wife and I are doing together has been an amazing blessing. I have been praying and reading the Bible everyday. I am learning a ton in the Wednesday night Bible study. I have always loved teaching (that is actually what I wanted to do when I grew up for a long time) and I mentioned to Wonderful Wife that maybe one day I could teach a Bible study. later that day our Sunday school teacher asked for volunteers to cover for him while he is travelling next week…I guess God answered that question pretty quickly! After a little stressing and praying, yes, I will be teaching next week.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you prep this week?

God Bless!


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