Why Do I Think Prayer Is Prepping?

Every week I publish a post detailing what I prepped over the course of the last week. Sometimes these are long and detailed when I have accomplished a lot. Sometimes they are pretty short. Generally, the first topic on this list details what I am doing to be a better Christian and to get closer to God. Some have wondered what this has to do with prepping or being prepared.

I have mentioned why I include this several times over the years but I thought it was an important enough topic that it deserved its’ own post. In fact, I may even make it a “page” as well just to make sure it is always easily referenced.

So, here goes, “why do I consider my walk with God to be part of my preparedness plan?”

There is a strong probability that each of us will face some sort of disaster over the coming months and years. It may be a flood, hurricane, earthquake, civil unrest or a job loss but the chances are something disastrous is likely to occur at some point. That is the fundamental reason we all spend precious time and resources to prepare.

On the other hand there is a 100% probability that every single one of us will die. As much as we hate to hear it or think about it we will all die. It could be due to an automobile accident, heart disease, terror attack or even slipping in the bathtub but it will happen. The younger you are the less likely you are to really believe this. You may know it at a conscious level but deep down young folks (I know I was one once) really believe they are immortal. Death is the one disaster that each and every one of us should prepare for because it will happen to each and every one of us…

With this in mind the most important bit of prepping I can do is to make sure I am right with God. As a Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins and if I accept that sacrifice and accept Him as my Lord and Savior I will live with Him eternally in Heaven. That means spending time in His Word to get closer to Him, spending time with Him in prayer and trying to live my life in accordance with how He would want me to live it. None of these things are requirements for salvation but, for me, these are things I want to do in order to get closer to Him. No other prep can lead to eternal life so it is by far the most important prep of all.

The second most important thing I should do to prepare for the 100% probability of my earthly demise is to make sure I am right with the people I love. I don’t write about this preparation very often at all. Most of it is just a little too personal to share on the InterWebz. Making sure I treat those around me properly, with love and respect, definitely factors into my walk with God. I want to treat everyone with love and respect but I feel a little higher level of obligation for my family, especially my grandkids. To be right (as I see it) with them I need to make sure I teach them all I can to help them find God and also to be successful in their lives. I also want to leave a little something behind to help them get started in their lives and I do occasionally mention this in my posts. I also want to make very…very…very sure that no matter what happens to me or to one of them they absolutely know how much I love them and how much they have meant to me.

That’s it. In a nutshell that’s why I post things like that as part of my preparations.

God Bless.


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