These Are Not The Foods You’re Looking For…

Sometimes the most effective lies are those told boldly and simply.  This is also one of the easiest ways to misdirect a concerned, health conscious consumer, simply lie.

Honey has been known for centuries to be good food that is good for you. There are any number of health benefits and uses for honey. From the preppers perspective it can, essentially, last forever in the pantry. The problem is that most honey sold in supermarkets isn’t really honey at all:

Yesterday, I found that the ubiquitous Pumpkin Pie that fills supermarket shelves around this time of year isn’t really pumpkin:

Olive Oil is another one of those foods that health conscious folks try and use instead of other oils that are less healthy. The problem? Yep, you guessed it, much of what is sold in stores isn’t really olive oil at all. It is cheaper, less healthy oils doctored up to and sold as olive oil:

Instead of the FDA busying themselves keeping people from buying known products like raw milk from local farmers, they should instead be busy making sure these big companies (and small) are actually selling what’s supposed to be in the container. It’s one thing for a consumer to make bad choices about their own health. It is another when people try and make good choices but are being misled and lied to.

If the government is going to get involved in our lives at least focus on helping the taxpayers, the citizens instead of the companies they are supposed to be regulating…

God Bless.


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