Totally Off Topic: Really Cool Triumph Bobber

I love riding motorcycles and classic bikes and modern replicas are near and dear to my heart so when I saw this picture of the new Triumph Bonneville Bobber I just had to share it.

I bought a modern Triumph a while back and had a lot of problems with it, maybe I just got a lemon but I ended up selling it because it spent more time in the shop than on the road. The major issue was the front brakes that seemed to work too well in the rain and sometimes not at all.

Anyway, this bike looks amazing…

God bless.


6 thoughts on “Totally Off Topic: Really Cool Triumph Bobber

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    NEVER, off topic. Motorcycles are something that preppers need to think about. I am riding since 1969. Here’s what I will pass on to everyone: Expect to get burned by the oven every now and then, if you want to bake bread. Motorcycles, do, include, accidents. While we also think of, in 1938, the Japanese, used motorcycles to get around when the infrastructure of Osaka was destroyed by earthquake. I, personally, ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles, in the Road King class, however, I love all motorcycles, as they are fun, and, in a jam, very valuable. I despise helmets, but the last accident I had, the helmet took the brunt of impact. (Broken bones, optional.)

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    1. All good points. I ride a Sportster currently because I like the stripped down style, light weight (relatively speaking), and low seat height (short stubby legs can reach the ground).
      From a prepper’s perspective a dual purpose bike would be a great bugout vehicle (for one or maybe two). It would be a good choice for scouting and foraging too.
      God bless

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      1. Absolutely. In high school, I used to read motorcycle magazines when the pages were newsprint paper. My hero was John Law #21, and got to see his competition suit back in 2007. Brought back memories. In high school, I had an 883. I made it into a cafe racer. Frame was a little small for me, but I learned to love it. A skinny kid, I would hug the fuel tank. Then became a sort of what, “cool guy” (?), when I would ride into Manhattan (NYC) to spend time with young ladies, who always hugged me tightly when the 883 rolled and cornered. Today, it would be a nice local bike, though I went to the Road King Classic, and turned it into a chrome sled. Sold it just before the flood (lucky me!). My son lost three Harleys to the flood. I do, at times, ride and deliver bikes for people that need them delivered. Did one about September. Nice ride, but felt it for the next few days. Aches and pains. Rather than go for drinks after delivery, I was tired, and wanted an orange juice, and went home to bed. The other guys, who followed me in the car, went for beers. I was fast asleep. For some reason, the following morning, I had an urge for raw tomatoes. Maybe my body craved vitamin-C?
        Motorcycles and prepping, a most serious fit of common sense, as you mention. (Provided the machines are operated sanely.)

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    1. I don’t think they have release pricing on the Bobber yet. The MSRP on other Bonnevilles/Modern Classics run between $8,500 and $13,000. I’m thinking the Bobber will be on the higher side of that number.
      God bless.


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