A Sobering Perspective

The SHTF Blog is an interesting source of information. It can be tough to get through some of the posts because some of the best contributors are not native English speakers. Tough as it can be the difficulty is part of the reason this is such a good resource. One of the primary contributors lived through the Balkan War. He has personal experience seeing (and surviving) a nation descend from a first world status to hell on Earth.

I have lived in the system and country where we believed that we are all equal. Different nationalities, different religions etc. Melted all together to make one “big and prosperous” nation, to be great and equal… united.

And then leverage of world  forces simply changed, and suddenly we are being taught that differences between us are more important than similarities and “one nations”, old history battles are been taught again, one group suddenly is more important then other and so on and so on.

One recent post, USA – Looking In The Balkans Mirror?, caught my attention. I initially thought it would be an analysis of where we as a nation stand compared to the Bakans before their spiral into chaos. I was wrong. What I took away from this post were the warnings (which we all know intellectually) that SHTF will most definitely not be fun or easy. It will not be the stylized, amusement park version of SHTF that we see on TV and movies or read about in books.

Please read the whole post but here are a few of the conclusions that really struck a chord with me:

2. The ‘Survival Movement’ is big business, and it has become more (much more) about selling items (to make you believe that you are prepared) than about learning and gaining knowledge.

5. The majority of folks are not ready to bend the rules and adapt. There is lot of talk about adapting, but then suddenly you get whole bunch of folks who are thinking “I’ll do that” or “ I’ll never do that” instead of “I’ll do what has to be done (adapt to situation)”

6. Working with other folks. You need to work with other folks, to have friends, group, connections-before SHTF. Survival alone is for really tough mother…….

8. Do not look for higher reasons for the situation. You may have political options today, fractions, candidates, government. But when SHTF all that are empty words from some other distant time. When SHTF you will have yourself and people who want to harm you. That is it.

I don’t know if we will experience such a fall in the US. I know there are many who would say “it can’t happen here” but there were many that said that al Qaeda would never be able to successfully bring down the twin towers or attack the Pentagon. There were probably folks in Argentina who said that their nation could ever fall into the financial chaos they experienced at the turn of this century, or the Great Depression, or the…list goes on. Regardless of whether we get to that point, bad things can and do happen and we need to be ready for what the world throws at us.

My own personal survival and protection is important to me. The survival and protection of those entrusted into my care by God is far, for more important. Accomplishing either of these by sacrificing or abandoning my faith and the commandments placed in my heart by God is something I hope and pray I am never forced to consider. If I do face such a decision, I hope and pray that I can make the right choices guided by my faith.

God bless.


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