Terror Attacks And The Election

I don’t know if it is playing out in the mainstream media but various sources are reporting a credible threat of an al Qaeda attack in the states of New York, Texas and Virginia between now and the election:



Another article also released today warns:

U.S. authorities remain concerned about homegrown violent extremists and the public will continue to see increased security in public places, a Department of Homeland Security official said on Friday amid security concerns four days before the U.S. presidential election.

It’s interesting that in this article the term used is “homegrown violent extremists” and never mentions al Qaeda or Islamic terrorists although the link to the article does:


Regardless of the source of the threats or whether that are “credible” or not be careful over the next few days as you are out and about. Keep your eyes open and if something looks strange or out of place either leave or report it.

Most importantly, don’t let these threats keep you from getting out there an voting. When terror attacks or threats of terror attacks prevent us from exercising our God given rights the terrorists win.

Don’t let them.

Be alert.

Be prepared but don’t let them keep you home in fear.

Tin Foil Hat Warning!

Conspiracy Theory 1: It is entirely possible that there is no credible threat at all. It is could be that someone believes that news of such a could affect the turnout in the election and tilt the balance in the increasingly tight presidential race.

Conspiracy Theory 2: Several years ago I came across an interview with a “top secret ninja squirrel” kind of guy working for one of the alphabet soup agencies. He outlined a scenario to push the US into a civil war with a fairly simple formula:

Two candidates with fairly equal levels of support and both with extremely high levels of disapproval.

A series of civil disturbances to raise tensions and even violence at rallies and events.

Real or rumored attacks that potentially affect the results of the election…

The loser of the election contests the results, resulting in more violence, which creates more confrontation with police and escalates to more violence until martial law is declared.

The increasing unrest topples and already shaky international economy and the violence spreads even more until…we find ourselves in a full on civil war.

Since then I have seen similar possible scenarios reported or theorized on various sites. Could it happen to us?


I hope and pray it doesn’t because I really don’t thing we, as a people, have any idea just how bad it would be…

God bless.



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