What Are We Afraid Of?

Chapman University recently conducted a pole of Americans to determine what, if anything, they were afraid of. Several different categories of fears were defined such as crime, personal fears, environment, relationships, technology natural disasters, economic, man made disasters and government.

Survey says, in 2016 the top 10 fears Americans held were:

Our top fear, as a nation, was our own government.

If you notice, terrorism is listed twice on the chart. Once under Man-Made Disaster (41%) and once under Crime (38.5%). So, it may be possible that our fear of terrorism is actually greater than our fear of the government. It just depends on how many duplicates there were in the totals. On the other hand, Gun Control (38.5%) and Obamacare (35.5%) are also related to the government action so maybe we really are more scare of our own government than of anything else.

Interestingly, “the greatest threat facing our nation,” global warming came in tied at #16 with the fear of another World War.

Of the items listed in the top ten, I am actively concerned and trying to be more prepared for five of them including Economic Collapse and Not Having Enough Funds For The Future.

If you are interested, you can read the full results here: https://blogs.chapman.edu/wilkinson/2016/10/11/americas-top-fears-2016/

What are your greatest fears and what are you preparing for? How does it match up against the results?

God Bless



One thought on “What Are We Afraid Of?

  1. I am definitely on the down side of life at 62 years old. I retired a few years ago and do not fear a whole lot. If we had elected Hillary after 8 years of Obama, then the government fear and gun control would be the absolute biggest. Having retired, I am not wealthy by any means, but am comfortable.

    I guess my biggest fear, and the reason I started carrying a gun almost all day everyday, is the threat to my personal safety or my wife’s safety. When bad people are trying to take my life, police are minutes away. They will try to catch the murderer, but my life would be over. Hence, I am taking responsibility for my own safety.

    I do not worry much about the other fears listed. I guess if I worried about all that stuff, I would become paralyzed by fear. I know my Redeemer liveth and goes before me so I do not worry about the future. God has my front and my back.


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