Milestone Achieved!

It’s no secret that things have been pretty crazy in my household of late. Wonderful Wife is having to work so many hours I’m starting to think we should just move in to her office (the couch is nice). I have been pretty busy myself as well. In all the hustle and bustle we achieved a milestone this weekend and I wanted to share it.

We set a goal in December of 2015 to have at least a thirty day supply of food on hand. The goal was not just for the two of us. Nope, as Wonderful Wife rightly pointed out there is no way we could let our mothers, children or grandchildren go hungry. We needed a thirty day supply of food for sixteen people and as of last Sunday we reached that goal!

BucketsGiven space considerations, rotational considerations and financial considerations we decided on a long term food storage strategy of storing rice and beans in mylar bags sealed with an O2 absorber inside. These bags are double sealed and placed in five gallon food-safe buckets with Gamma lids. Storing food this way will preserve it (according to my research) for years minimizing the need to rotate sixteen people’s supply of food between two people. Storing the mylar bags in buckets helps protect them from puncture or critters. Using food-safe buckets costs a few dollars more but the bucket can be reused for storing other supplies, including water, should the need arise. The twist off lids provide an airtight seal and are reusable unlike the much cheaper snap on lids.

The buckets are distributed in three separate locations so an issue at one location will not leave us completely unprepared.

Emergency Pantry
Emergency Pantry

The food in our emergency pantry and freezer would be used to supplement the rice and beans and provide a bit of variety. These would have to be used more like treats as we only stock about 30-60 days worth of food for the two of us. Any more than that and we could not rotate it and consume it before it expired.

So, what’s next?

I am not quite finished in terms of long term food storage. I still plan to add a couple extra buckets of rice and beans for a little buffer. I would also like to add a bucket (or partial bucket) of both salt and of sugar.

After that?

I am not sure but I think my next priority will be water…

God bless


4 thoughts on “Milestone Achieved!

    1. Thank you but the credit goes to my Wonderful Wife. I often explain to her and others that she is my heart. Without here i would be just another grumpy old man yelling at kids t get off my lawn!
      Juts kidding, we compliment each other in some pretty amazing way and she has a pretty tough side as well.


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