Record Gun Sales On Black Friday

According to this article the Fortune Magazine website, the FBI processed a record 185,713 background checks on Black Friday. That’s about 400 more than the previous record set in 2015. Part of this may be driven by continued strong demand for firearms and part from the simple fact that the FBI may have finally fixed issues with the NICs system that resulted in outages during peak use times like Black Friday.

One quote from the article did catch my attention:

Gun sales are usually high on Black Friday because of steep discounts, although sales expectations for the 2016 holiday season are low since Donald Trump—a gun rights supporter—won the presidential election. Prior to the election, gun enthusiasts bought a record number of pistols and rifles in fear that Hillary Clinton would win the election and restrict ownership laws.

Despite the drop-off in sales following the election, gun dealers have said purchases are regaining momentum.

If demand is increasing again does that mean people are nervous about a Trump presidency? Or, are they concerned that he may not make the inauguration? Or, does, it mean people just want their guns?

I have no idea…

Now the obligatory disclaimer: NICS checks do not directly correlate with firearms purchases. There is one check per purchase not one per firearm so many checks cover the purchase of more than one firearm. Not all NICS result in an OK to purchase. Many states do not require NICS checks for those with valid carry permits. The number of NICS checks is generally several percentage points lower than the number of firearms actually purchased.

God bless

5 thoughts on “Record Gun Sales On Black Friday

  1. I’m thinking that people are concerned about their own personal safety more now than in the past. They can see the headlines daily and those headlines are getting worse. This world is going to hell in a hand basket. That said, my next purchase will be a 45 ACP handgun. I have never had a 45, but would like to experience it firsthand. Any recommendations from the group about which to check out?

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    1. A lot depends on what you are looking for in a handgun. I tend to recommend Glock or Smith & Wesson. Parts, holsters, accessories are readily available. They are proven duty weapons with major agencies around the country and around the world. They tend to be reasonably priced as well. They have also proven very reliable for me personally.
      I have some experience with the P250 from SIG which shares a lot of engineering with the P320 which I hear good things about as well. It really comes down to what you are looking for.
      Why have you decided on .45?


      1. As to why I have decided on .45 acp, I have long time experience with 9mm handguns and have probably 3000 practice rounds stashed away. I am, I guess, wanting something new. However, in my research I have discovered that ammo in .45 is a bit more costly, so it is not a certainty that my next purchase will be a .45. I may just finally go back to 9mm and pick up a Shield PC in 9mm since it includes a ported barrel and trigger work all included. I go visit gun stores and come out frustrated because I find that I know more than the sale people. Some of them don’t know squat but are trying only to push the “firearm of the week”.

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      2. I really try and keep my mouth shut and stay out of conversations in gun stores but every once in a while I just have to. For example, a guy behind the counter was trying to sell a very petite young lady a Ruger LCP. He was actually telling her that there was very little recoil since it was a .380 ACP. I don’t know if you have ever shot an LCP but they are loud and very snappy. Since there is not a lot to hold onto they are not fun and even I have to readjust my grip after a few rounds on occasion. My wife shot it exactly once when she was trying to decide on a carry gun. She set it down and just said, “nope.” My son in law who is a big old 300+ pound gorilla of a guy did pretty much the same thing. But the bottom line is that I don’t trust most of the folks out there selling firearms actually know very little about them.
        Why are you looking for a ported barrel on a carry gun? Seems like the flash could have a pretty negative impact on your night vision and in close confines could result in some pretty nasty scorching/burns/clothes on fire…I don’t have any firearms with ported barrels so I am not sure how big a deal this would be.
        God Bless!


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